Flutterby Landscaping
"She also did a wonderful job in completing our front yard landscaping by adding a few plants to pull everything together. She works to understand her customer's goals, stays on budget and insures customer satisfaction."

Xeriscapes or sustainable landscapes

Sustainable landscapes achieved through the use of drought tolerant perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees and Northwest natives incorporated with low water design principles. Flutterby Gardens can help you build a low water, low maintenance gardens with year round appeal.

Rock work: walls, patios and pathways

In our landscapes, we recreate nature. When plants are peaking out from behind or even hidden inside, boulders add texture and interest. Rocks can become a wall, a seating area, a garden pathway, dry creek bed or even a fire pit. By integrating rock and stone into your landscape we provide unique focal point and dimension to your design.

Drought tolerant lawns: RTF and Xerilawn

We live in a high desert environment where water conservation simply makes sense. But you don't have to sacrifice beauty when you make the practical and economical decision to use landscaping products that minimize water usage and capitalize on the beauty of our area. If you have never explored drought-tolerant grasses and landscaping choices, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Landscaping and Design

Each of our designs incorporate the unique features of your home and surround. We encourage your ideas, make suggestions that help you achieve your dream landscape and work diligently to create that dream for you as quickly and painlessly as possible. The design phase can be one of the most exciting parts of the process, as you discover exciting new plants, new ideas and the satisfaction of a true partner in the planning process.

Retainer walls, paver patios and concrete work

Hardscape solutions for yards with slopes and/or drainage issues. From paver patios to firepit seating areas, Flutterby Gardens can help define your yard with a custom built hardscape that delights the eye.

Water features

Water features create an outdoor environment all their own. Whether it be a bubbling rock or a babbling brook, the movement of water calms the senses, minimizes traffic and other neighborhood noises, and attracts animals and birds.



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